TPS3847 18V、200nA 电压监视器

TPS3847 系列器件具有宽范围工作电压和超低电流,可监视电源引脚电压。 每当 VCC 电源电压降至厂家调整的复位阈值电压以下,器件就会将一个低电平有效复位信号置为有效。

TPS3702 高精度、固定阈值 OV/UV 监视器

TPS3702 是一款集成型过压和欠压窗口检测器,其采用小型 SOT-6 封装。这款高精度电压监视器非常适合电源容限较窄且由低压电源轨供电运行的系统。

UCC2912 可编程热插拔开关电源管理器

The UCC3912 family of hot swap power managers provides complete power management, hot swap capability, and circuit breaker functions. The only component required to operate the device, other than supply bypassing, is the fault timing capacitor, CT. 

TPS3808G01-Q1 汽车类低静态电流可编程延迟监控电路

The TPS3808Gxx-Q1 microprocessor supervisory circuits monitor system voltages from 0.4 V to 5 V, asserting an open-drain RESETsignal when the SENSE voltage drops below a preset threshold or when the manual reset (MR) pin drops to a logic low.